Weight Loss

Clean Start Weight Loss

  • This is a medically supervised 3 phase diet program.
  • No pre-packaged meals, you will eat real food.
  • Comprehensive lab testing and medical history are reviewed by a licensed medical provider.
  • This program includes prescription medications to promote weight loss.
  • Lipotrophic injections are included to aid with fat burning for increased fat loss.
  • Vitamin injections help promote increased energy.
  • No intense exercise required.
  • You will benefit by long-term weight loss success.
  • Provided for your weight loss success is a guidebook, food journal, tip sheets, shopping lists, and a cookbook with over 50 recipes!
  • A revolutionary program that burns fat while retaining lean muscle thus promoting long-term weight loss success!
  • We are excited to help you with your weight loss journey, call today! 409-923-9291
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IAPAM Clean Start Weight Loss